NPR Abortion Audio Leaves the Internet Horrified

NPR (National Public Radio) is facing serious backlash after airing audio of a Michigan woman having an abortion.

Trigger Warning: The information in this article may be sensitive to some, discretion is advised.

Following the reversal by the Supreme Court of Roe vs. Wade, women traveled to Michigan from other states to have abortions. The media house took the opportunity to cover the segment and chose to broadcast the audio.

Internet users spoke about the event, and they were not happy. One user, @FiatLuxGenesis, took to Twitter to comment on how the radio shared “a real killer”. She then explained how she feared democracy could be dangerous saying,

“NPR aired a woman having an abortion. That’s where our society is. Real murder on the radio. If it’s ‘democracy’ — where government-funded radio plays the murder of an innocent human being — then it’s absolute horror.”

NPR aired a woman having an abortion. This is where our company is. A true murder on the radio. If this is “democracy” — where government-funded radio broadcasts the murder of an innocent human being — then it’s absolute horror.

NPR Airs Abortion Audio, Leaving Listeners Scarred

NPR reporter Kate Wells traveled to a suburb of Detroit and found a patient who was willing to be taped during her procedure. The recording captured the sounds of machines and nurses comforting the patient while he was partially awake.

You can hear the vacuum cleaner turning on, the woman crying and moaning, and then the doctor announcing the end of the procedure.

This audio was played on the radio and listeners took to Twitter to share their horror, calling it “wicked”, “sickening” and demanding that NPR be canceled.

Yesterday, NPR aired audio of a woman having an abortion. You can hear the instruments of death, the encouragement of a nurse saying “you can do it” while the mother shouts “no, I can’t” and the sound of the vacuum cleaner sucking up the baby’s remains. It’s mean.

SICK. Why the hell @NPR play an audio of an unborn baby being voiced to pieces? As an American taxpayer, I demand that @NPR be funded.…

The fact that @NPR thought it would help their cause to share audio of a woman having an abortion shows just how delusional abortion extremists can be. How could anyone honestly think that was a good idea? Unlimited abortion support is blinding people.

Please stop and think for a moment how far we have descended into darkness as our public radio stations record and broadcast the act of killing human life – to promote support for this act as that gateway to freedom – through the end of life.

We must consider the reality of abortion in America and how it is state-sanctioned murder – proudly captured by institutions that operate on your tax dollars.

NPR today aired audio of a woman having an abortion. Why is US tax dollars still funding this radio station?🤔

@katiehobbs NPR just released audio of a woman having an abortion, including all the vacuuming noises and cheers from the medical staff afterwards…and you’re okay with that. Sick, sick, sick.

@stillgray NPR just aired an abortion procedure. I think we know where they are. By the way, it was horrible, disgusting and the most despicable sound I have ever heard.

Pro-life activists have taken to social media to denounce the radio show, saying it promotes the ‘murder’ of innocent human beings in an attempt to normalize Abortion. They call it violence and the dehumanization of human beings.

The radio show shared the audio in a bid to promote transparency over the taboo subject, but some believe the act backfired.

The right to abortion in constant debate

Americans have been constantly debated over whether or not women should be allowed to have abortions. Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice has become synonymous with political alignment, the former leaning towards Republican views and the latter, Democratic.

Pro-lifers believe others are abortion apologists and try to share stories of the emotional and physical damage women suffer during and after the procedure. They view the fetus as a living being, thus thinking of the fetus as a human being with rights.

Pro-choice believers, on the other hand, express that women deserve the right to choose whether or not they want the procedure, and that no one, other than the mother, should have an opinion about it.

NPR has yet to comment on the situation. Kate Wells followed Northland Family Planning staff around metro Detroit, Michigan, and reported her findings in an in-depth article.

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