People who train, sponsor, promote LGBTQ + activities spend ten years in prison

Adoption for LGBTQ + people is also banned in the bill

The Ghanaian Human Sexual Rights and Family Values ​​Promotion Bill 2021 proposed several extreme sanctions against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gay, transgender, allied, pansexual + activities.

The bill which has yet to be passed will guarantee human sexual rights and Ghanaian family values, ban LGBTQ + and related activities, outlaw propaganda, advocacy or promotion of LGBTQ + activities.

It also aims to protect children, victims or accused of LGBTTQQIAAP + and related activities and other related people and issues.

The 36-page bill proposed several actions, including banning propaganda, promoting and defending activities aimed at a child.

The bill proposes that a person who, through a medium, a technological account or any other means, produces, procures, markets, disseminates, broadcasts, publishes or distributes uses an electronic device, the Internet service, film or any other device capable of storage or transmission to produce, procure, market, broadcast, broadcast, publish or distribute material or information intended for a child, whether directly or indirectly with the intention of arousing the child’s interest in an activity prohibited under the law or teaching the child to explore any gender or sex other than the binary male or female category commits an offender.

Such a person is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for not less than six years and not more than ten tears.

In addition, the owner of the medium, technology platform or technology account on which the material or information is disseminated is deemed to have committed an infringement unless it is proved that the owner has not consented. commission of the offense or did not collude and exercised the degree of due diligence that should have been exercised in the circumstances to prevent the commission of the offense.

According to the bill, the media will include radio, television, newspapers, and owner means the legal owner or operator of the media.

Clause 14 of the bill proposes a ban on the funding or sponsorship of LGBTQ + activities.

Therefore, a person who funds or sponsors an activity prohibited under the Act commits an offense and is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for not less than five years and not more than ten years.

Apart from that, the bill also proposes the dissolution of all LGBTQ + groups, companies, associations, clubs and organizations.

All groups which existed before the entry into force of the bill and which are intended to promote such activities must be dissolved.

Nor are persons permitted to form, organize, operate or record, promote the formation, organization, operation or recording in which they participate in any activity to support or support LGBTQ activities.

Anyone who contravenes this provision is liable to a minimum of six years or a maximum of ten years’ imprisonment.

Adoption for LGBTQ + people is also prohibited in the bill.

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