Printing is not dead! Community newspapers continue to thrive

Robyn Bishop, head of marketing at Spark Media, says the popularity stems from a mix of local news and special shopping offers.

What makes them unique? The reasons they are read often are specifically for indoor advertisements.

Editors say it’s not unusual for readers to phone their local newspaper if their favorite supermarket doesn’t have a supplement in the latest edition.

These logs are often the only source of hyperlocal information.

There are approximately 350 local newspapers nationwide.

In the first quarter of the year, 4.8 million community newspapers were regularly distributed. As for the daily and weekly newspapers? 1.3 million. Local newspapers represent 79% of national circulation.

Refilwe Moloto talks to Robyn Bishop, Marketing Manager at Spark Media.

Bishop says the backlashes work against the downward trend in print media for 20 years.

She says the popularity stems from a mix of local news and special shopping offers.

I think it’s a mix of the two and it’s a very unique situation – because there isn’t a lot of media that people turn to for commercials. Still, the community newspaper is something they read to see the intertwined news and promotions that make their weekly shopping easier and that they know about.

Robyn Bishop, Marketing Manager – Spark Media

Groceries, furniture and DIY are still popular, but are spreading to banks and mobile companies, as these advertisers realize that this newspaper is still being sent to people in such large quantities, explains. it.

She says that on the news front, only the local newspaper is committed to trusting local news and issues that impact residents.

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