Protesters clash with police outside the Iranian embassy in London

Protesters clashed with police outside the Iranian Embassy in London as they called for an end to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Dozens of protesters gathered at the Embassy in Princes Gate, Knightsbridge, London on Sunday afternoon.

It comes as protests in Iranian cities have spread across the world, sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in custody after being detained by Iranian vice police.

Angry protesters could be seen shouting and pushing officers who had formed a line outside the embassy.

Protesters clashed with police as they called for an end to the Islamic Republic of Iran (Luke O’Reilly/PA)

Crowds chanted “Death to the Islamic Republic” and waved Iran’s old national flag from before 1979.

Footage shared online also showed violent altercations among those in the crowd.

One clip in particular shows two officers struggling with a protester on the ground who appears to have breached the police cordon.

Elsewhere, riot police could be seen trying to clear protesters from the road near Marble Arch.

Scotland Yard said several police officers were injured during the protests, although none appeared to be seriously injured.

The force said the crowd showed “a substantial group bent on causing mayhem”, as protesters washed up on police lines and hurled missiles at officers.

Five people suspected of committing violent disturbances have been arrested, police said.

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Mahsa Amini died in custody in Iran (Francisco Seco/AP)

“A significant police presence will remain in and around the area to monitor the situation,” Met Police said.

By 7:30 p.m., protesters had been cleared from the area outside the Iranian embassy, ​​but a handful of police remained outside the building.

There were few signs of the scenes from earlier in the day, save for a few tattered protest posters.

A photo of Mahsa Amini could be seen on a poster, while another read “stop the executions in Iran”.

It comes after Iran’s Foreign Ministry said on Sunday it had summoned British Ambassador Simon Shercliff over what he described as a hostile atmosphere created by the London-based Farsi media.