Public protest against order to remove satellite dishes in Namati, Kachin State

Authorities ordered the public to quickly remove PSI satellite dishes and threatened to take action against those who disobeyed them in Namati, Moegaung County, Kachin state, on April 27.

A local said: “The military council announced over loudspeakers that the use of Thai PSI satellite dishes is illegal and the public has been ordered to remove the satellite dishes.

People are prohibited from going out between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. Security forces have announced that people who have kept weapons in their homes have been ordered to turn them over.

At the end of March, the neighborhood administrator and soldiers had issued warnings in Kanhla village in Namati that people who installed PSI satellite dishes had to pay a fine of Ks-20,000.

The military is trying to impose a complete information blackout by shutting down mobile and broadband internet.

The public only watches the information broadcast by the DVB and Mizzima television channels with PSI satellite dishes.

DVB broadcasts the ethnic-language television program (in Kachin Jeinphaw Language) which was conducted jointly with the Kachin News Group and BNI, every Saturday.

Due to the military council’s internet ban, residents of Kachin State can only watch news through PSI satellite dishes. On April 28, residents of Namati township took to the streets to protest the ban on satellite dishes.

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