Rayner: Tories must stop ‘handing out prime ministers’

Angela Rayner has said the Tories ‘can’t keep handing out prime ministers’ as she demands a general election.

The deputy Labor leader said the crowning of Rishi Sunak in the Tory leadership race on Monday marked a ‘continuation’ of the same problems and she criticized him for not specifying how he would tackle the challenges facing the UK is confronted.

The party has “no mandate now”, Ms Rayner said after the former chancellor was appointed its third prime minister in three months.

She told broadcasters in Westminster: ‘The Tories have completely broken their promises, broken our economy…

“They can’t keep handing out prime ministers every month because they’re in total chaos and they’ve lost control of the markets and have no idea how they’re going to tackle the cost. of life that people face.”

But Mr Sunak ruled out a general election after winning the Tory leadership race when his rival Penny Mordaunt failed to win support from MPs.

With Boris Johnson dropping his own bid in a comeback, Mr Sunak will enter No 10 unopposed and avoid an online ballot from Tory members who rejected him for Liz Truss last month.

Ms Rayner said: “What we have seen play out is a coronation here and not a real election where people have a mandate to serve the British people of this country.

“Rishi Sunak was rejected by members of his own party just a few weeks ago.

“The people of this country now deserve that we go to the electorate to present our policies on how we are going to deal with this cost of living crisis that the Tories have imposed on the British people and allowed them to vote. .”

While Tory MPs supporting Mr Sunak have touted his ability to bring stability to the economy, Ms Rayner has criticized his record as head of the Treasury.

“I think it’s a continuation of the problems that conservatives have faced,” she said.

“Rishi Sunak was the chancellor where we saw little growth.

“It hasn’t been able to keep up with the inflation we’ve seen and families are really worried about the cost of living they’re facing.”

She added that she had “heard nothing” from Mr Sunak during his brief leadership campaign “about how he is actually going to meet the challenges people are facing today”.

Mr Sunak has the daunting task of leading the nation through an economic crisis that has only been exacerbated by the chaotic legacy of Ms Truss, who was ousted after just six weeks in office.

Ms. Rayner welcomed the fact that Mr. Sunak will be the first prime minister of Asian descent.

“I think it’s really important today to see our politicians, I’ve said it many times as a working class girl with a Manchester accent, that our politicians represent and people see each other at among our senior politicians.”