Review article: “Charting Variety, Scope, and Impact of Open Access Diamond Journals in Various Disciplines and Regions: A Survey-Based Observational Study”

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Mapping the Variety, Reach, and Impact of Open Access Diamond Journals Across Various Disciplines and Regions: A Survey-Based Observational Study


Korean Council of Science Writers


Scientific Edition (Sci Ed) 2022; 9(2): 120-135

DO I: 10.6087/kcse.277



The variety, reach and impact of open access (OA) diamond journals across disciplines and regions from July 22 to September 11, 2020 have been mapped to characterize the current open access diamond landscape.


The total number of journals devoted to diamonds was estimated, including those that are not part of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). The distribution between regions, disciplines and types of publishers has been described. The reach of journals in terms of authorship and readership was studied. Information was collected on the linguistic diversity, dynamics and life cycle of journals, as well as their visibility in scholarly databases.

Source: 10.6087/kcse.277


The number of OA diamond journals is estimated at 29,000. Open access diamond journals are estimated to publish 356,000 articles per year. The OA diamond sector is diverse in terms of regions (45% in Europe, 25% in Latin America, 16% in Asia and 5% in the United States/Canada) and disciplines (60% in the humanities and social sciences, 22% in science, and 17% medicine). More than 70% of open access diamond journals are published by university-owned publishers, including university presses. The majority of open access diamond journals are small, publishing less than 25 articles per year. English (1,210), Spanish (492) and French (342) are the most common languages ​​of the main texts. Of 1619 journals, 1025 (63.3%) are indexed in DOAJ, 492 (30.4%) in Scopus and 321 (19.8%) in Web of Science.


The patterns and trends reported here provide insight into the diversity and significance of the open access diamond journal landscape and the resulting opportunities and challenges to support this publishing model.

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