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It was veto day again for the Big Brother 23 Houseguests and Derek X’s game hung in the balance while we waited for the veto players to be selected and then for the results of the competition. It was a busy fight with many penalties that could last for a few more weeks. Read on to find out what the comp and day mean for the HOH and their week 7 goal.

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7:15 am BBT – HGs receive an early wake-up call.

9:00 a.m. CET – blanks for the veto pick.

9:15 am BBT – Feeds are back. Alyssa, Azah and DF were selected. DX is SOL.

9:20 am BBT – Sarah discusses with Alyssa whether HGs would keep Xavier when Claire comes down. Alyssa is sure that X would be okay.

9:25 AM FBT – DX talks to Claire about high profile situations. He thinks it won’t be that bad if Sarah wins the veto. Claire is sure that the target is one of them.

9:40 AM FBT – Hannah tells DX that she is sorry the draw didn’t go better for him. DX says he won’t worry if Claire comes down and he goes up against X. Hannah says she hopes the nouns stay the same. Hannah believes Azah is her best chance that nouns stay the way they are.

10:50 am BBT – Alyssa tells Hannah that she really hopes to win veto so she can save Xavier as it’s her fault he is up there (via High Rollers Twist).

11:05 AM BBT – DF asks and Sarah confirms that she is hoping Xavier will get off the block. She promises DF it won’t be Azah.

11:15 am BBT – DF promises Sarah he got $ 75, not $ 100. She can’t figure out who gets the $ 100 this week.

11:35 am FBT – Xavier and Alyssa review all of the season’s events. Alyssa knows the details well.

12:20 p.m. BBT – Tiffany is worried about Claire that no one will tell her this week, and she worries what that means. Claire expects DX to be a reputation. Tiffany says DX isn’t the best for her games this week. Tiffany really hopes Azah doesn’t win Veto.

1:25 p.m. CET – Xavier and Tiffany discuss what Sarah could do. Tiffany wants to make sure Sarah isn’t there with F7. Tiffany says if DX competes against Xavier, Claire will be suspended if she votes DX over Xavier.

14:00 CET – DX and Hannah are up in the HOH room without Sarah. Hannah searches for Sarah’s letter to read the part Sarah wouldn’t read aloud. Hannah finds the letter and reads it. She says it says nothing about Sarah being America’s player (it wouldn’t even be if she were …). Hannah apologizes to the feeds.

2:05 p.m. BBT – DF tells Kyland that Sarah’s plan this week sounds a lot like Kyland.

2:40 p.m. BBT – Azah hopes it won’t be a study competition because she hasn’t looked at it for long but is now trying to remember events.

3:15 p.m. BBT – feed cut for the veto.

8:55 p.m. BBT – Feeds are back. Xavier is wearing the medallion.

9:00 p.m. BBT – HGs discuss the competition and prizes / penalties. Xavier will be isolated for 24 hours, become a third candidate next week, and lose all of his BB-Bucks.

9:10 p.m. BBT – Azah speaks to DF and is upset that he took cash instead of fighting for the veto because she may be in danger. He points out that he had no chance of beating Xavier, so he took something he could get.

9:50 p.m. BBT – Xavier speaks to Azah, who was upset that DF took the cash prize for safety reasons because she feared it would put her at risk. She feels better now.

10:40 p.m. BBT – Sarah meets with Kyland and says DX will be leaving this week. She is confident that they have at least four votes to put him on the jury. Sarah wonders if DX will tell Alyssa about the backdoor plan she (SB) had against Christian so that DX can try to reverse votes. They discuss ideas on how to fight things that DX can share to save themselves.

10:50 p.m. BBT – Sarah tells Kyland that she would like to work with Xavier and Alyssa.

10:50 p.m. BBT – Xavier says he’s not worried about losing his BB-Bucks because he knew the cookout had enough to keep him safe. He doesn’t think the third nominee’s punishment would be any different from what he experienced and survived this week.

11:05 pm FBT – Sarah hopes to convince Claire that this wasn’t the long plan this week and instead decided to save Claire.

11:15 pm BBT – Kyland tells Sarah this could be the final “big shot” for a while and then they should get the stragglers out. Sarah says Hannah should be leaving soon.

11:35 pm FBT – DX goes to Sarah and Kyland to check in. DX asks if he can get a BD. Kyland laughs and promises him it’s not. DX says he tried to restore her confidence after nominating her for his HOH week.

11:40 p.m. BBT – DX admits he should have played for the roulette twist. (Yes)

11:50 p.m. FBT – DX pitches that he wouldn’t use the Coup D’Etat on Sarah or Kyland. He notes that DF will have a chance, however. DX promises loyalty if she doesn’t accommodate him.

12:10 pm BBT – DX has continued to work to save itself, but Sarah does not give in. He realized that he was in a bad position.

12:25 p.m. BBT – Kyland stayed to speak to Sarah after DX left. He asks if they have the votes for it. She still wants BD DX. Kyland agrees. Sarah wants Alyssa to know that her plan has been to leave DX all along.

12:40 p.m. FBT – Sarah thinks the two (with Kyland) will do well against either Alyssa or Xavier in F3.

12:50 p.m. BBT – Sarah discusses if maybe they should have an F2 but wants Kyland to tell her if he has a different F2. He admits he’s already done F2s. Sarah says they don’t need to hide their alliance anymore as it’s pretty obvious.

1:05 AM FBT – Tiffany and Hannah discuss how to deal with the CO guys. Hannah wants DF to come out on F6 and then have someone else take down Kyland so they can be F4 with Xavier and Azah. Hannah switches to her ideal F3 is the two and DF or Azah as an alternative. Tiffany says Xavier wants Kyland out of F6 and Hannah asks who will get X out then. Tiffany doesn’t know.

1:15 p.m. BBT – Sarah meets with Claire and says she is considering options that could help Sarah install DX.

1:20 p.m. BBT – Kyland is advising DX on how to maneuver this situation and stay this week. Kyland tells DX that he already told Sarah that he would not vote against DX.

1:40 p.m. CET – Claire and Sarah are still talking. They are discussing the Veto-Comp. It was about setting up the dominoes to go through certain points (rewards or penalties).

1:40 p.m. BBT – Kyland tells DX that if Hannah steps up in his place, she will likely step over Claire.

2:00 am CET – Sarah and Claire discuss old alliances and the first few weeks of the game with Frenchie.

2:20 AM BBT – Kyland Camtalks that he’s playing multiple parallel games including him + Sarah and he + DX. He goes back to speak to Sarah and she shares what Claire told her. Sarah mentions that Claire suggested DX or Hannah as a name.

2:30 pm FBT – Sarah doesn’t think Xavier had to win that veto, but Kyland states that Xavier knew he would be at risk if he stayed on the block.

2:35 AM FBT – Kyland hopes Xavier wins the next HOH, so his third punishment for the nominee comes later when it’s easier to get him out.

2:55 am BBT – Tiffany, DX, and Claire meet to discuss ideas to keep him safe this week. Tiffany suggests warning Sarah that there might be a jury battleback so she would hesitate to cheat on him. DX wonders if he could tell Sarah some of the things he knows are going on, but Tiffany warns him that Sarah will fear calling them out later when he mentions names. After DX leaves, Claire and Tiffany discuss being sad that DX will leave this week, but they knew it would always come.

3:10 AM FBT – Kyland informs DX that Sarah told him Claire told her that she would suggest (C) DX or Hannah as a renom for her.

3:40 PM FBT – Kyland is camtalking. He has to find out who of the six he can trust the most. Kyland says the Six are not a group of individuals he would have wanted to play the game with. He would have preferred to play with Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah plus DX as fifth.

4:00 a.m. CET – lights off.

Saturday didn’t change anything for DX as he sits right in the danger zone with no options after skipping the roulette safety chance and then missing an opportunity at the Veto-Comp. On the other hand, he would have just been back there next week. The cookout is inevitable it seems!

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