Sent to Italy Highlights Taiwan’s COVID Success in Interview with Italian Newspaper | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan envoy to Italy Li Hsin-ying (李新穎) called Taiwan the best performing country in the world in terms of pandemic management, but declared his exclusion from the World Organization health and its decision-making process, the World Health Assembly (WHA), is grossly unreasonable.

In an April 14 interview with Italian newspaper Il Foglio, Li stressed that developed countries like Taiwan have the right and obligation to share their experience, technology and capabilities with the world.

The representative pointed out that Taiwan has only recorded around 1,000 confirmed cases of COVID and only 11 deaths out of a population of 23 million. He said the health and medicine fields in the country are highly developed and he wants and must share his experience of epidemic prevention with the world, according to CNA.

At the same time, Taiwan also needs to communicate with international medical experts as it needs to know not only what is happening in its own region, but also what is happening in places like Ethiopia and South Sudan. South, Li said.

He said that for many years, Beijing had pressured UN member states to reject Taiwan’s participation, claiming that Taiwan was Chinese territory. Although Taiwan has not been a full member of WHO for decades, it had observer status with the WHO from 2009 until President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) took office. functions in 2016.

After Tsai’s election as president, relations between the two shores deteriorated. As a result, Taiwan lost many “privileges,” including its WHA observer status, but other countries remained indifferent to these developments, the article said.

Li said that since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan has become the world’s second-largest producer of surgical masks. He pointed out that Taiwan has donated millions of masks and other types of epidemic prevention equipment to countries around the world throughout 2020, and is also providing COVID-related technical support to countries. in need.

However, some of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies have recently come under pressure from China, Lin said. Beijing has offered Paraguay millions of vaccines against the coronavirus on the condition of severing diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Tsai’s government was finally able to procure 200,000 doses of the Indian vaccine COVAXIN for Paraguay.

In addition, CNA mentioned that US Senator Bob Menendez announced that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would vote on April 14 on a bill called the Strategic Competition Act of 2021. Although the bill largely focuses on ways to counter China’s aggressive behavior and human rights violations, he mentions Taiwan 46 times.

The bill calls on the United States to defend Taiwan’s “meaningful participation in the UN.” Among other global bodies, it states that the United States supports Taiwan’s participation in the WHA, the International Civil Aviation Organization and Interpol.

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