Sheriff Cites ‘Misinformation’ on Lake Tahoe Bear Murder

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif .– Sheriff’s deputies released additional details of a bear shooting at a rental home near Lake Tahoe in June in an attempt to dispel what they say is misinformation about the incident which led to the death of the animal.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Tuesday that the man who shot the bear in self-defense was pushed to the ground by the animal when he confronted it inside of the residence he rented in Meyers on June 24.

The statement said that “contrary to speculation on social media,” the man visiting the area was not an off-duty law enforcement officer.

The sheriff’s office did not provide any details on the social media posts.

The BEAR League, a bear conservation group in Tahoe, said on its Facebook site on Tuesday that it had deleted a post about the shooting. He said he did so because many people started commenting and speculating on the names of officers they believed were involved in the shooting.

He said none of the people named had anything to do with the incident.

But the BEAR League said it was sticking to its initial concerns that there was no evidence the uninjured man was ever “attacked” or “threatened” by the bear.

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