Star Casino fined $ 90,000 for violating security standards

The Independent Liquor and Gambling Authority (ILGA) in the New South Wales (NSW) has issued a AUD $ 90,000 good to Star casino in Sydney for giving minors access to the gaming area and gambling. The casino reported the 3 cases to the Gambling Authority itself, but it didn’t stop ILGA from imposing the fine.

Multiple instances of minors gaining access to gambling areas

Most of the fine, A $ 60,000, was suspected of a serious breach of the standards allowed by the casino regarding a. traced back 12 years old girl. The child was smuggled in through the exit doors of the casino by his mother and a series of bets placed on poker machines by the parents within 17 minutes.

“It’s frightening that the parents so deceptively allowed the young girl to enter, let alone allowed her daughter to play.”

Philip Crawford, chairman, ILGA

The Chinese nationals who visited Australia on a tourist visa were selected by Stars Security guards only when trying to exit the casino. ILGA concluded that Star Casino failed to deal with the security risk posed by customers trying to sneak into the venue through the exit doors, as well as failing to realize that a minor was playing at the poker machines despite having several Had opportunities to do so.

The second incident Star casino was punished 15,000 AUD involved 17 years old boy who managed to play roulette and poker before being identified as a minor by security and kicked out of the casino. The teenager walked into the venue, identified himself with his own driver’s license, and gambled during a three and a half hour gambling session 42 Rounds of roulette and 22nd Poker hands that at least interact with the casino staff fifteen Times without being identified as a minor.

Another 15,000 AUD The penalty was added for another case of a teenager who was served alcohol by ILGA inspectors in the main playing area in addition to entering the venue. The 16 years old girl was allowed to enter through a VIP checkpoint without being asked I WOULD, and when casino staff asked her to identify herself, she accepted a fake driver’s license to serve alcohol to the teenager.

The three incidents Star casino Self-disclosure to the gaming authority took place between March and July 2019, taking the casino overall 32 Cases where minors are given access to restricted casino areas for the year.

The ILGA fine is the most recent fine imposed on Sydney’s Star Casino after the A $ 5,000 Sanction to the venue for Violation of public health and safety regulations, as on several occasions the inspectors observed groups of patrons talking while drinking alcohol.

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