Statement Regarding the Cancellation of Roe v. Wade

By The National Women’s Studies Association

Earlier this year, after the Supreme Court’s proposed decision to overturn the 1973 decision in the Roe vs. Wade the case was leaked to the public, the National Women’s Studies Association felt compelled to speak out against the decision. We were alarmed. We were worried. We were furious, but we weren’t surprised. Today’s decision represents the culmination of decades of work to reverse Roe vs. Wade and giving states the ultimate authority to govern, control, and oversee our most personal decisions about our bodies.

In 1973, SCOTUS concluded that constitutional rights to privacy and liberty protected a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy. Justice Harry Blackmun, who wrote the majority opinion, noted that while “the Constitution does not explicitly mention any right to privacy”, several previous decisions had found “guarantee of certain areas or areas of privacy”. . He went on to note that this privacy guarantee is based on several Bill of Rights amendments and the 14th Amendment freedom guarantee, which, taken together, “create zones of privacy in areas of society such as as marriage, contraception, family relationships and raising children.

Today’s decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization not only reverses the past 50 years of precedent, but will have a disproportionate impact on economically challenged communities of color and marginalized groups who are already navigating existing health care barriers. It will also affect everyone’s ability to have reproductive choices.

To be clear, the National Women’s Studies Association, the world’s largest network of feminist scholars, educators and activists, unequivocally asserts that a person’s right to govern their body is a basic human right that must be enshrined. in the law, now more than ever. .

With today’s SCOTUS decision, our ability to make reproductive choices will be denied or limited in scope. So far, 22 states have banned abortion on their books (ranging from inception to nearly all). Additionally, Texas, Oklahoma, and Idaho recently enacted “heartbeat” legislation allowing individuals to sue anyone who performs or assists in an abortion after heart activity is first detected. fetal (about six weeks pregnant).

We know you’re probably feeling a range of emotions today – from rage and anger to confusion, exhaustion and frustration (and everything in between!) – so we urge you to take care of yourself. . We need you to be healthy and prepared for what is to come.

As we noted in our May statement, we are at a time when we have to fight. We have to push back and we have to talk. Elections have consequences, and protests and petitions carry weight. There is power and protection when we come together.

This is the time when we must seek out militant organizations to participate in demonstrations, seminars, town hall meetings and vigils.

Now is the time to reach out to your congressman, participate in voter registration drives, and use your social media platform to alert everyone to what’s happening so we can head to the polls in November. and elect people who will have our best interests at the top of their to-do list.

NWSA, it’s time to stand taller, speak louder, look further down the road than those who claim to know the way, and remember that they will try to tell us we can’t resist to storm only because they fail to realize that We. Are. Storm.

We are ready to fight with you and to fight for you.

In love and solidarity,

Karsonya Wise Whitehead, President

National Women’s Studies Association


*Please note that the resources shared below are not related to or endorsed by the NWSA, but are shared just in case anyone needs a starting point for accessing health care or making a decision about of procreation.

If you wish to access care:

• – provides basic information on abortion.

• Gynopedia – a nonprofit organization that maintains an open resource wiki for sexual, reproductive, and women’s health care worldwide.

• Guttmacher Institute – a leading source for US abortion policy research and analysis.

• National Abortion Federation – unites, represents, serves and supports abortion providers in providing patient-centered, evidence-based care.

• National Network of Abortion Funds – connects you with organizations that can support your financial and logistical needs while you arrange your abortion

• Planned Parenthood – A Complete Guide to Unplanned Pregnancy

• RAINN – National Sexual Assault Hotline

• Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice – a network of ministers and rabbis who refer women to abortion providers they have researched and deemed safe

• Texas Equal Access Fund – provides emotional and financial support to people seeking abortion care.

• Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project – helps bridge the financial gap for women seeking abortions or emergency contraceptives.

If you need help terminating your pregnancy:

• AbortionFinder – With over 750 health facilities, offers the most comprehensive directory of reliable (and verified) abortion service providers in the United States.

• Afiya Center – Their mission is to transform the lives, health and general well-being of Black women and girls by providing refuge, education and resources. They act to ignite the community voices of black women, which results in our full realization of reproductive freedom.

• AidAccess – consists of a team of doctors, activists and abortion rights advocates who help people access abortion or miscarriage treatment. They ship the pill worldwide for $110/€90.

• Bridge Collective – provides convenient and responsive abortion services in central Texas.

• Buckle Bunnies Fund – provides practical support for people wishing to have an abortion. They help with transportation, funds to help with hotels, lodging costs, and emergency contraception funds to go towards abortion.

• Carafem – help with abortion, birth control and questions about reproductive health care. They do online consultations and send abortion pills in the mail.

• Cobalt Abortion Fund – provides direct financial assistance to people seeking abortion care. Their mission is to work toward reproductive freedom for all and to provide non-judgmental, non-questioned financial assistance to people who seek an abortion but cannot afford the full cost.

• Colorado Abortion Providers

• Faith Aloud – compassionate religious and spiritual support for abortion and pregnancy options.

• Frontera Fund – makes abortion accessible in the Rio Grande Valley (Texas) by providing financial and practical support regardless of immigration status, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, race, class, age or religious affiliation.

• HeyJane – Modern Abortion Care, Without the Clinic, Get fast, safe and affordable abortion care at home. Talk to a medical provider within 36 hours. Medications are shipped daily.

• International Consortium on Emergency Contraception – Emergency Oral Contraceptive Doses for Birth Control, USA

• Jane’s Due Process – helps minors in Texas circumvent abortion justice, navigate parental consent laws, and access confidential abortion and birth control. They provide free legal support, individual case management and stigma-free sexual and reproductive health information.

• Justice Empowerment Network – focuses on access to abortion in South Dakota.

• Kentucky Health Justice Network – assists with both abortion care and gender-affirming care in Kentucky.

• Lillith Fund – the oldest abortion fund in Texas, serving the central and southern regions of the state with direct financial assistance for abortions.

• Northwest Abortion Access Fund – provides funds to help people in Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Alaska.

• Plan C Pills – provides up-to-date information on how people in the United States access abortion pills online.

• Planned parenthood

• Westfund – focuses on Latino and low-income communities.

• Women on Web – an online abortion service that can help you have a safe abortion with pills.

Additional Resources

Connect and Breathe is intentionally not a “pro-choice” or political organization. Its purpose and mission is to provide a telephone service (with trained volunteers across the country) for people who have had abortions.

*Please be safe and aware of clinics (e.g. crisis pregnancy centers) that spread dangerous misinformation about abortions and pregnancy.

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