The Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria advises that the submission of the report on the Nigerian Corporate Governance Code 2018 is to be done virtually by organizations through the council’s online web portal.

A council statement said the affected organizations included all state-owned enterprises and their holding companies, concession/privatized enterprises, regulated private enterprises as defined in the 2018 NCCG Regulations (“Entities”).

“The web portal is developed to further improve the ease of doing business, reduce the cost, time and effort required to comply with NCCG 2018, and serve as a repository for investors, researchers and other stakeholders to to collect and generate corporate governance information on Nigerian entities in the private and public sectors,” the statement read.

The council said it had issued guidelines to help businesses use the portal seamlessly.

He said, “The go-live date for the portal is March 22, 2022. As of this date, the 2018 NCCG Compliance Reporting Web Portal is accessible on the council’s website.”

He added: “As of this date, the board will not be accepting hard copies or emails for the 2018 NCCG Compliance Report.

“The 2018 NCCG Compliance Statement deadline for entities with a December 31, 2021 fiscal year end is hereby extended by one month to April 30, 2022.”

He added that the deadline for reporting 2018 NCCG compliance remains three months past the company’s year-end.

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