Superdrug launches TikTok collaboration in-store and online

Superdrug is launching an innovative in-store collaboration with TikTok this week in a bid to reach beauty creators and customers using the social media platform.

The health and beauty retailer is set to host a #SuperShow talent show that links its stores to the platform, with a finale live on TikTok UK, as it seeks attention from a demographic that seems receptive to content from creators.

TikTok’s own research suggests that 49% of respondents had purchased a beauty product after seeing it on the platform, while 82% of those who had made a beauty or personal care purchase after seeing something on TikTok had not planned to do so.

He also found that 42% of users come to the TikTok app to find new things and 34% want to follow the latest trends. Her #Beauty has 101.1 billion views and #Skincare has 96.9 billion, with 20.1 billion views for #SkincareRoutine. The main beauty categories on TikTok include “makeup”, “skin care” and “hair care”. Superdrug will take over TikTok’s For You UK stream from tomorrow.

Superdrug Chief Marketing Officer, Gemma Mason, says, “We are really excited about this collaboration with TikTok. At Superdrug, we love trends and thrive to become market leaders. This partnership is one of the many innovative ways we’re using to stay ahead of digital media trends.

“Superdrug has embraced TikTok over the past few years with our store teams immersing themselves in content creation and their own local accounts, so we’re excited to have even more presence on the app and bring the search for #SuperShow talents to our customers.”

The #SuperShow Talent Contest will see entrants take on three challenges inspired by the products available at Superdrug. Designer Booths will be available at four stores across the city for customers to film their own in-store content, while the TikTok brand will feature in more than 800 Superdrug stores across the UK.

The designers who emerge as the most popular in the weekly challenges will then be invited to participate in a live challenge to create looks quickly, using Superdrug products. Prizes include Superdrug Health & Beautycard points and opportunities to feature and create Superdrug content.

Holly Harrison, Luxury Brand, Fashion and Retail Partnerships at ICT Tac, says, “We think the #SuperShow will really appeal to TikTok creators and create an online buzz within the TikTok community. Working with Superdrug is an exciting collaboration, and we can’t wait to see the looks created by those who participate in the challenges.

The contest kicks off tomorrow, with the first challenge – the Super Body Challenge – in-store at Lakeside as well as on the TikTok app, followed by Rushden Lakes (hair), Manchester (face) and Scotland (final) over the following weeks. Entrants can enter by following @Superdrug and uploading their video to TikTok. The final broadcast will be live on TikTok on August 9.