Telegram 8.0 introduces “streams” for unlimited audiences

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Telegram has the latest versions – something more – in which instead of competing with WhatsApp, it seems to want to compete with YouTube or Twitch. This one coming now, Telegram 8.0 is the culmination, at least for now, of enough to turn the service into an internet radio and TV station.

I’m not saying it, it’s not a dream of mine either. “The power to create your own TV channel is here, in your pocket“, Is one of the clearest messages that Telegram 8.0 leaves us in the official announcement of its latest version. Add to that that they’ve been replicating the Clubhouse feature for months, group video calling has caught on with one audience in mind, and the end of the restrictions has focused more on that audience than on the participants…

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Telegram just turned eight and if video calling served as a cake on its previous birthday, these are the streams unlimited the great novelty. That is to say, Live streaming with unlimited viewers in groups and channels. And since these broadcasts can be audio or video, depending on taste or need, Telegram 8.0 pocket radio is a given. Your audience is unlimited “except for the popularity of your channel or the population of Earth,” they say.

However, in Telegram 8.0 (version only for mobile phones) there is some other news that is worth commenting on, such as the flexible transfer, which is the possibility of transmitting a message while hiding – it was already a year! – the original sender or comments in multimedia messages. This is done through an intermediate sequence in which the message to be shared can be previewed.

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More news from Telegram 8.0 (it’s their 8th birthday and it’s their version number, yes) they include an option to cycle through the channels you follow without going back to the discussion list: shoot with a thumb gesture when you reach the end of the chain to continue to the next; stickers highlights, so that you can add them more easily to your collection; a new number of unread messages in each chat; and new animated emoji you can’t miss.

In short, Telegram 8.0 is a more contained update than usual, as long as we except that this app or service, whatever you call it, takes years. mutate into something beyond instant messaging, or simply messaging. Telegram is a potential media platform, a somewhat social network sui generis, but social network after all… And yes, it is also messaging with bits of productivity software.

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