The 2022 Oscars will not livestream 8 award categories. internet reacts

In what has been a series of surprising moves, the Oscars have announced that 8 categories will not be airing live during the Oscars on March 27. This decision was made to streamline the show and reduce airtime.

The Oscars also recently launched an online contest on Twitter open to public voting, known as Oscar’s Fan Favorite. In this contest, fans will have the chance to vote by tweeting their favorite movie with the hashtags: #OscarsFanFavorite and #Sweepstakes and have it nominated for the Oscars. (READ MORE HERE: The Oscars will let you vote for your favorite movie. Are Indians Jai Bhim and Marakkar eligible?)

The 8 categories that will not be broadcast live are:

  1. Documentary short film
  2. Film editing
  3. Make-up and hairstyle
  4. Original score
  5. production design
  6. Animated short film
  7. Live action short film
  8. Ring

For these categories, the Oscars will start an hour earlier to award winners before the live stream begins. The presentations and their winning speeches will be broadcast later during the live stream. It is not yet known to what extent they will be broadcast. It’s also unclear if guests will be seated in the Dolby Theater or on the red carpet at the award ceremony for these 8 categories.

Photo: IMDB

The intention behind the decision not to live stream was to create more time for entertainment and audience engagement during its 3 hour runtime. It is also an attempt to condense the show to fit the 3 hour runtime, as it has been widely criticized in the past for going over its timeslot.

According to a source who spoke to The Hollywood Reporternominees in all 8 categories were notified on February 22 at a town hall-style meeting before an official announcement was made by the Academy.

Viewers are very disappointed and enraged by this announcement, with most calling the 8 categories some of the most important Oscar categories.

Associations such as The American Cinema Editors have also released statements. The American Cinema Editors Board of Directors said, “We are deeply disappointed with the Academy’s decision to change the way certain categories, including Film Editing, will be featured in the Oscars broadcast. It sends the message that certain creative disciplines are more vital than Nothing could be further from the truth and everyone who makes movies knows that. As a group of artists wholly dedicated to advancing the art and prestige of film editing, we believe passionately that editing – and all other creative disciplines that are part of the collaborative art of filmmaking – must be treated the same. Our contributions to this collaboration may sometimes seem invisible, but they are undeniable. We hope that the film editors and other artists impacted by this change will be honored and celebrated with the passion, dignity and inclusion they deserve.”

And the internet agrees with The American Cinema Editors’ statement.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to this announcement:











This year’s Oscars are sure to be a rollercoaster ride for viewers.