The Androscoggin river flows really low

Water volumes of the Androscoggin River at Auburn US Geological Survey

AUBURN – The current Not-So-Great Falls on the Androscoggin River show too clearly that water levels have declined this year.

The water volume on Tuesday was less than a third of what it normally is this time of year, a paltry 2,500 cubic feet per second instead of its standard of nearly 9,000 cubic feet per second.

As low as it is, the US Geological Survey said the water level in Auburn was still a little higher than its record high on May 25.

But upstream in Rumford and Gorham, New Hampshire, water volumes hit record lows for the date on Tuesday, a troubling indication that a growing drought could worsen.

In Rumford, where the government has records dating back 119 years, the median daily flow in cubic feet per second is 4,730. On Tuesday it was 1,730.

The US Drought Monitor estimates that 41% of Maine is unusually dry and the Maine Drought Task Force said there was “a substantial deficit in precipitation for this time of year.”

A water gauge in Rumford shows how low the volume of the Androscoggin River has become. US Geological Survey

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