UConn Offers New Online Masters Program in Personalized Nutrition

The Master of Science in Personalized Nutrition will prepare students for promising careers in healthcare, academia and industry

Students in the Department of Nutritional Sciences of the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. (Kevin Noonan / CAHNR Photo taken before the COVID-19 pandemic)

After a unanimous board vote, the University of Connecticut will launch an online master of science program in personalized nutrition. Registration for the program begins in the fall of 2021. The program responds to the growing demand from industry and the clinic for professionals trained in personalized nutrition.

“We are delighted to offer students the opportunity to pursue further studies in this rapidly growing field of nutrition studies,” says Indrajeet Chaubey, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. “The MSc in Personalized Nutrition will prepare students for promising careers in healthcare, academia, and industry.”

Personalized nutrition takes advantage of an individual’s personal health profile – genetics, physical activity levels, gut microbiome, and health-related behaviors – to develop precision strategies that can prevent or treat disease and optimize overall health. . Specialists trained in personalized nutrition make individual diet and health behavior recommendations that go beyond standard global guidelines.

Students enrolled in UConn’s new program will gain genetic, biochemical, physiological, pathophysiological and clinical knowledge of nutrient metabolism in order to assess the unique nutritional needs of individuals in order to develop personalized dietary recommendations for health promotion and development. prevention of chronic diseases.

The program complements traditional curricula in this field and UConn’s current in-person master’s degree in nutritional science, in that it requires a solid understanding of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics, with particular emphasis on their link to clinical nutrition.

The online format of the new program is also designed to attract a different, mostly part-time student audience to an emerging and rapidly growing nutrition specialization.

“There are currently 10 vacancies for every nationally awarded degree in Human Nutrition, so it is clear that employment opportunities in personalized nutrition have increased significantly in recent years, with trends indicating that this growth will only continue, ”says Ji-Young Lee, department head and professor. of nutritional sciences. “We are excited to help students acquire the specialized training they need to meet the clinical and industrial demand for personalized nutritionists.”

The Board of Directors approved the new program at a meeting on February 24, 2021. To learn more, visit the Department of Nutritional Sciences Personalized Nutrition MS Online Website.

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