Valley Grande Town Hosts Easter Egg Hunt – The Selma Times-Journal

The town of Valley Grande held its Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday at Valley Grande Ball Park.

Several children were divided into three different domains according to age: 4 years, 5 to 7 years and 8 years and over.

The egg hunt was organized by Valley Grande Councilor Sara Day and Bubba Holley of Valley Grande Parks and Recreation. The egg hunt was postponed from April 10 due to bad weather.

Valley Grande Mayor Wayne Labbe said he was happy the town is finally hosting an outdoor activity for children.

“I love to see the kids having fun,” said Labbe. “The postponement of the egg hunt for a week probably affected attendance, but the kids had fun.”

Day said residents weren’t worried about having an Easter egg hunt two weeks after Easter Sunday.

Holley said divine intervention made him determined to have an egg hunt, especially since last year’s event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“God put it in my heart last year before the virus hit and had to cancel it,” Holley said. “God put on my heart to have this Easter egg hunt to be our closest community together, we have all these churches in Dallas County, but we never go out of our way that’s not it. that God called us to do.

“We are supposed to go into our community and help others, because in the end we are all children of God until that happens, our community will not improve. This is not what I want for my community. I want to see my community reborn to its ashes and become better than it has ever been. And all we need is to unite. “

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