[Video] CTA and MANRS: Building a Stronger Internet

China Telecom Americas (CTA) operates with the mission to transform the way people and businesses connect and collaborate across the world. As one of the leading providers of communications services for businesses in the Americas reaching Asia-Pacific and vice versa, CTA delivers on this commitment. Not only does CTA strive to be a global leader in connecting businesses, it makes sure it’s done in the safest way possible by partnering with an initiative that makes network security a priority. absolute.


CTA recently celebrated one year unifying networks of its global affiliates validated by Mutually Agreed Standards for Routing Security (MANRS)which is supported by the Internet Society (ISOC). To celebrate this milestone and talk about what it means for the world’s 5 billion internet users, Luis Fiallo, Vice President of CTA, and Dr. Joseph Hall, Distinguished Technologist at Strong Internet, ISOC, gave an interview to JSA-TV.

Mr. Fiallo and Dr. Hall discussed:

  • Why ISOC was founded in 1992 and how it works to bridge the digital divide.
  • How the connectivity community can follow MANRS to ensure a safer internet with fewer route diversions.
  • How MANRS programs can help network providers, like CTA, as well as Internet exchange points, content delivery networks and equipment vendors.
  • Why CTA partnered with MANRS.
  • How CTA fulfills its social responsibility to build a stronger Internet.

To learn more about ISOC and MANRS, and how they help CTA provide secure routing to its customers, read the full blog at CTA website and watch the JSA TV interview.