What if online games start showing on TV?

Games have always been one of the main sources of entertainment for people of all walks of life. Whether it’s children, young or old, games appeal to everyone equally. From video games to poker, many games keep people engaged in their spare time while someone is playing slow roll poker or other games. With online gaming, gaming has taken on a whole new dimension.

Online games allowed people to play any game they wanted without worrying about time and place. Imagine, if games could now be available on TV, how much fun would that be? But, you don’t have to imagine all of this as the games are actually available on TV. Here’s how online games influence people when they become available on TV.


Since its inception in 2011, Twitch has consistently been one of the most viewed channels for enjoying shows about music, crafts, talk shows, and more. Known for its quality video broadcasts, Twitch came under the Amazon banner in 2014. After this acquisition, the channel’s broadcast lineup changed dramatically.

Today, Twitch drives the bulk of internet traffic with nearly 2 million new streamers each month. Twitch has an official website and several apps. These apps can be found on iOS devices, Android devices, Xbox one video game consoles, etc. These apps are also available on Amazon Fire TV, Sony Playstation 3 & 4, etc. The best part about online games broadcast on TV and other visual media channels remains that you can enjoy the games for free and mostly offline.


Who can deny the status of YouTube with regards to the most watched online channels? And much of its reputation can be attributed to eSports and gaming content watched by online gaming enthusiasts around the world. League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and FIFA are some of the most popular games that have earned YouTube historical fame.

The consumption of gaming videos has also increased over the years on YouTube. No other source offering similar entertainment has succeeded in curbing YouTube’s growing popularity in any way. If you are thinking of playing poker sitting in the comfort of your home, you can simply go to YouTube to enjoy it. YouTube continues to introduce new offerings to make online gaming even more popular and accessible to everyone.


What made ESPN a more popular choice was its effort to broadcast college-level competitions, which most people love to watch. Full of life and action, these competitions always hold the attention of viewers. ESPN, along with ESPN 2 and ESPN 3, has broadcast several tournaments and competitions, making these ESPN channels some of the most famous choices among online gaming enthusiasts.

To cover a significant number of viewers across the globe, ESPN has also partnered with MLG to broadcast several other games. This association has only increased the popularity of ESPN over the years. Watching any game you want on TV just got easier and hassle free.


MLG or Major League Gaming is one of the fastest growing digital networks that has led the competitive online gaming industry. Designed to feature eSports, MLG.Tv doesn’t require you to pay to enjoy its content or games and also lets you know how to play slow roll poker.

The platform also promotes and organizes several events and contests that attract the attention of several users around the world. It has long been one of the most popular choices in North America. Besides enjoying the games, you can also interact with MLG. TV personalities across this channel who take entertainment to another level.


TBS broadcasts the ELeague which attracts the attention of over 9 million people. ELeague includes many popular games and also expands its level of inclusions. Therefore, in the years to come, the online gaming experience will surely reach the next level of entertainment thanks to TBS.

No matter which streaming channel you choose, each will give you a better and improved gaming experience without spending too much. With the channels mentioned above and more, the future of online games on TV looks brighter. Gamers can be ready for a rewarding gaming experience if they choose TV channels for the same.

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