Who Fights Internet Crimes Against Children in NH

By ROGER WOOD, InDepthNH.org

Recent arrests involving adult males who view child pornography or attempt to groom a child, once again highlight the issue of crimes against children. This is an ongoing challenge for law enforcement nationwide.

New Hampshire has its own task force. It’s New Hampshire’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, NH ICAC, and it’s led by a former Portsmouth law enforcement officer. Podcast producer Roger Wood recently spoke to Portsmouth Police Lieutenant Eric Kinsman about the task force and his work

Portsmouth Police Lt. Eric Kinsman has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters of Education in Counseling and is a 23-year law enforcement veteran.

He was previously a supervisor on patrol as a sergeant and then a lieutenant before moving to the professional standards division overseeing the credentialing process and internal affairs of the department and is currently commander of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force of NH.

Podcaster Roger Wood was again honored for his podcast this year by the New Hampshire Press Association.

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