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For the publisher:

What happens to a garden left unattended? A beautiful plot with orderly rows of vegetables and flowers is overgrown with weeds, thorns and thistles. When we let our young children monitor their gender identities and sexual options on their own, we put them on the path to doom. Everyone knows someone who as a child wished they were of the opposite sex. We must not allow the current sexually immoral culture to negatively affect the hearts and souls of our precious children, men and women, who like all human beings were created in the image of God. Life is hard enough without enduring such confusion. Consider the motives of those who represent the immoral sexual revolution. Why are they attacking our children? We must not allow them to dictate the emotional and physical future of our offspring. Children are tender shoots, and we must carefully pluck the weeds around them and then prop them up with traditional stakes of wisdom, the most obvious being that at conception they were created male or female. We must firmly resist the culture and do what is right – help young people see the greatness of who they are, for whom God created them. Finally, I remember the warning from Scripture: there will be grave consequences for those who lead the young astray. See Matthew 18: 6.

Gigi rysdahl

New Ulm

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